Berlin Relocation Guide

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Berlin Relocation Guide

Oleksandr Hrishchuk
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Hallo! Hi there! Привіт! Привет 👋

I'm Oleks, a Senior Software Engineer working in Berlin in the tech startup scene.

I'd like to share the knowledge and experience that I've obtained, cultivated, refined and things observed relocating without any help and living in Berlin since 2015.

I knew nothing about Berlin when moved to the city. I only knew Berlin is the capital of Germany and perhaps people are speaking German over there. I moved with zero German knowledge.

I'm sharing exclusive content about relocation to Berlin and its life, it might be useful for people who consider moving to Berlin themselves or are interested in life in Germany. 

Everything is based on my real experience. Berlin is an amazing city but better be prepared when you come, so you wouldn’t end up in the cold shower. This information will better prepare you and reduce the stress of moving to another country.

My main goal is to help others to avoid mistakes that I did and provide some guidance and insider perspective, trying to ease this nontrivial process!

The complete guide for fighting bureaucracy getting started in Berlin for new arrivals. In this course we'll cover topics like:

  • Action plan for newcomers (what to do when you arrived)
  • What is "Anmeldung" and how to do it? Getting registered
  • How to get a local phone number
  • How to open a bank account; Overview of the banks (offline, online, neo banks, mixed)
  • Applying for a Blue Card
  • Finding a temporary flat in Berlin
  • Common mistakes to avoid during the apartment search
  • Getting a tax number / Steuer ID
  • Signing up for health / medical and social insurance
  • Additional insurance that you will need
  • Ticketing system in Berlin / Arriving at the airport
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Getting registered, Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer
Supportive materials
Newcomers action plan


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